Starter Fertilizer

Our starter fertilizer is mixed specifically to provide the right nutrients for your sod to get established quickly. Preferably spread the fertilizer before you lay the sod. This way the nutrients are instantly available for the roots.

One 2 gallon pail is sufficient for 2500 square feet of sod.

The fertilizer can also be used in flowerbeds, or later on in the growing season.

Soil Booster

We now offer an organic soil booster made to improve your topsoil, so your new sod will grow even better. Our organic soil booster consists of a very diverse blend of concentrated microbes, bacteria, fungi and organic matter that complements regular (synthetic) fertilizers.  Some active ingredients are premium worm castings, humates, calcium and Class A compost.

Use it under the sod, together with our regular starter fertilizer to give your new sod a healthy start. We recommend using one part of booster to two parts of fertilizer, which is good for average soil types. You can now reduce the need for other fertilizer.

Practically that would mean mixing one pail of booster (1 gallon)  with one pail of fertilizer (2 gallon). Spread with a regular spreader at a rate of about 5 lbs per 1000 feet. Now you can fertilize/boost about 5000 square feet of area.

Our organic soil booster is safe for pets, and can be applied on top of the grass, or in flowerbeds. The ingredients in the soil booster improve the ability for plant roots to uptake nutrients, therefore reducing the need for fertilizer.

Your grass will look healthier and greener longer.