Growing Greener, Naturally


Make Your Flower Beds & Vegetable Gardens Flourish!

Windmill Turf Farm now offers supreme quality garden soil, delivered conveniently right to your house. BigYellowBag® Black Garden Soil consists of Peat Moss and Compost. It is great for topping up any type of garden, be it vegetable gardens or flowerbeds and also for over-seeding your lawn. The bags contain 27 ft3 / 750 liters.

Tip: We suggest mixing the Black Garden Soil with your existing soil to allow both air and water nutrients to percolate in and out. You can then put straight Black Garden Soil on top for aesthetic.


One Bag: $ 174.90 (delivered within town limits)

Promotion: Early Bird $20 off per bag

Multi Bag Discount:  $10 per bag

Farm Pick Up: $ 150 per bag

Why add Black Garden Soil to your lawn?

 The soil in your yard is the foundation to a healthy lawn or garden. Most yards have between 1-4% organic matter incorporated into the soil. Increasing organic matter is the secret to healthy, happy plants. The higher the organic matter, the more available N-P-K nutrition is to the plant. This is like proteins, carbs, and fats to us mammals. BigYellowBag® Black Garden soil is made up of 50% organic matter! Our soil will give a substantial boost of nutrition to your yard.

Bag Return: 

We encourage you to recycle the bag and drop it off at Windmill Turf Farm or one of our drop off locations. Please make sure the bag is not ripped and the green top is still on, so they can be reused. Our Peace River Customers have the choice to drop off their bag at Nickel Steel and in Grande Prairie bags can be dropped off through the back at Trend Home ImprovementAlternatively, if you place another order with us, be sure to tell us you have an empty bag and we can pick it up when we deliver your next BigYellowBag. We will donate $10 per empty bag returned to your local Food Bank.

What do our customers say:

Amazing experience! I was so appreciative that you were able to swith over from dirt to another bag of mulch

What do our customers say:

Easy to put in an order online including specifics for location of the bag. Bag was exactly where I requested – in my alley, close to my fence. Quality of soil is just what I was looking for. Will be ordering again

What do our customers say:

Happy and treated well. Very efficient and the delivery fellow put the bag exactly where I wanted it – under big spruce trees

What do our customers say:

Amazing experience! i was so appreciative that you were able to swith over from dirt to another bag of mulch