Growing Greener, Naturally

Bagged Mulch

Our Cedar Mulch also comes in a conveniently contained standard sized (cubic yard) Big Yellow Bag. Cedar Mulch is quite long lasting and breaks down over time to provide added nutrients to the soil. It is a great weed barrier and also discourages insects from taking up residence in the garden, thus making the use of insecticides unnecessary.

One bag delivered is $164,50 with $10 discount on additional bags.

Picked up they are $119,50 or we can fill your pickup or dump trailer at the farm for $75,00 per cubic yard.

Our Spruce Bark Mulch (also called Hog Fuel) is a cheaper product, used as weed barrier or to make garden pathways. 

We only offer this product to be picked up,  fill your pickup/dump trailer at the farm for $50 per cubic yard.