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Sod for your Lawn

Windmill Quality Turf consists of at least 90% Kentucky Bluegrass. Windmill Sod is mature and at least 3 years old, which will give you a luxurious, strong, green lawn from early spring until freeze up.

Our sod fields are not reseeded, but regrow naturally from the roots (rhizomes) left in the soil after harvest. This means the genetic make up of the sod will stay exactly the same. Since only the healthiest and strongest grass grows back (which are the Kentucky Bluegrass varieties), you are guaranteed sod which is well adapted to our Northern climate.

Preparing for Sod


Having the pallets of sod close to where you need them saves a lot of time!

Preparing for Sod


Use your subsoil to grade your lawn area for drainage. Spread topsoil approximately 4″ deep. Rake, then level the topsoil by pulling a weighted plank over it. Roll it lightly and fill any low spots which might show up. Keep the grade 1″ below sidewalks and driveway.

Fertilizer can be spread before or after you lay the sod. We recommend doing it before, since there is no risk of burning the grass and you can also see what you’re doing. Use a starter fertilizer with a higher percentage of phosphorus (P) in it. We can supply you with our custom starter fertilizer (20-20-10-5). One pail covers 2500 square feet and costs $ 20 picked up or $ 22 delivered.


Measure the area in square feet.  Our turf comes in rolls of 5 feet long and 2 feet wide and 1 inch thick. Standard pallets are 700 square feet and they way approximately 2800 pounds. The size of the pallet is 4 feet by 4 feet. 

You can use our handy map based area calulator to figure out how large your yard is. Best is to order about 5% extra, more if you expect a lot of trimming and edging around borders and flowerbeds

Our sod is harvested and delivered right away. Pick up is possible too.

Ordering Sod


Our handy calculator and order form will help you get an estimate and place your order. We don’t require a deposit to place an order.


All sod needs to be ordered ahead. We prefer at least one week notice, but you can always phone and inquire about last-minute orders. 

Ordering Sod



You will receive a confirmation call before the delivery date. And, if you are picking up your sod, and haven’t got a confirmation, please call ahead before you drive up. For deliveries we do require pre-payment or COD. E-transfer email is


Installation of Sod

Keep topsoil moist as you lay your sod. Take care not to step on the moistened area, so always work from the sod. We recommend applying fertilizer under the sod. (see maintencance)

Lay the first strip of sod along a straight line (driveway, walk or chalk line). Butt joints tightly but do not overlap edges. On subsequent strips “stagger” joints as in laying bricks. Use a sharp knife to cut sod to fit curves, edges, sprinkler heads etc. Save the pieces to fit odd shaped corners. On slopes lay the sod diagonally across the slope. 

When installing start with a straight row.

After the sod is down, roll lightly with lawn roller to even out joints and obtain a good contact between roots and soil.



The sprinkler should be left in one spot for approximately 2 hours unless “puddling” appears. Immediate and thorough watering is essential!

One gallon of water in the first hour does more good than 6 gallons 3 hours later!

Our sod should be installed within 24 hours of delivery or pickup!
During the first 3 weeks, avoid heavy or concentrated use of your new lawn. This gives the roots a chance to firmly knit with the soil.
Sod can be installed from early spring to late fall.

Highly recommend sod from Windmill turf farm our new grass looks amazing and greened up fast because it was so fresh when we got it. First picture is the day it was installed and the second was two weeks after. It looks fabulous!!! Five Star ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Ricki Hovius

Day of installation

Two weeks after installation.

Sod Installation

No time to install yourself?  Contact us for a quote for installation