Growing Greener, Naturally

Lawn Maintenance


Your lawn should have water every day for the first 7 days at least. Keep the sod consistently moist, but not soaking wet. After the sod has rooted, water your grass regularly to keep it in good shape. Water more in dry, hot weather and close to buildings, where reflected heat dries the sod quicker. It is preferable to water in the evenings.


Two feedings per year of ½ kg Nitrogen per 1000 sq. feet is sufficient (e.g. 7 lbs of 16-20-0-0). The first feeding can be done first thing in the spring or in early October of the previous year. The second feeding ideally would be between June 15 and July 31. However it also is possible to fertilize more often lesser amounts.


Spread fertilizer evenly and water at once. Do not apply fertilizer when grass is wet and the sun is out. This will burn the grass!

Three neighbors are sodding their yards at the same time.


We feel 1½ inch to 2 inches is the best cutting height, however Windmill Turf can be clipped to one half inch without any ill effects. Mow often, generally removing not more than 1/3 of the grass height at one mowing. Check to see that your mower blade is sharp. A dull blade will damage the stems, making the grass more susceptible to diseases. Frequently mowing is also an effective and economic way to keep the weeds out of your lawn.

Your new Lawn is ready to play on in four weeks.