1. What do I do with weeds in the topsoil?

Small weeds (seedlings) are no problem, you can lay the sod on top. Bigger ones can be raked out. For weeds with a big root system, you should use Round-up to kill them, before you lay the sod. Quack grass is one of those noxious weeds, that will grow through your new sod eventually (See pictures).

Quackgrass cannot be effectively killed any more after you have laid the sod. After spraying with Roundup® (Glyphosate) wait one week before working the soil and then lay the turf. Windmill Turf comes virtually free of weeds. If you keep your lawn healthy, chances are weeds have no chance to germinate and survive in your lawn.

Quackgrass is somewhat similar as
Kentucky Bluegrass.
It is very invasive if not killed properly
before you lay the sod.

The rootsystem of quackgrass is extensive
and competes with the turf grass.
Little pieces of the underground roots (rhizones)
can grow out to big plants again.

2. Do I need to be home when sod is dropped off?

No, if you have paid by credit card over the phone, we can drop off the sod at a designated area, such as a driveway. However, It is beneficial for the customer to be home when the sod arrives. You could give directions to the driver and ask any questions you might have. We will never drop off sod, if we haven’t confirmed the order with you.

3. Can you give a time when the sod will be dropped off?

We can only give you an rough estimate to what time the sod will be coming, because there are usually several drop offs to be made on one load. In general, sod is delivered between 1 and 6 pm.

4. How long can sod sit on a pallet?

It is essential that you lay your sod within 24 hours after harvest. Since our sod has been cut fresh in the morning, you have time until the next morning. If you cannot get the sod down in time, check for signs of overheating, (see question 3)and get the sod off the pallet. If you are not able to lay your sod soon, you should throw the slabs loosely on piles, preferably in a cool spot. Sprinkle them with the water hose to prevent drying out.

5. Why does my sod look dry upon arrival?

In general we keep the sod on the dry side. This has several reasons, lowering the weight of the sod being the most important. Also dry sod doesn’t spoil as quick as wet sod. As soon as you start watering, the sod will freshen up. Remember: Dry sod is not dead, it will revive with water.

6. Why does my sod feel hot when I take it off the pallet?

Sod is a living product and it is still growing, even on the pallet. If sod sits too long on the pallet, it starts to overheat/burn. This starts from the middle of the pallet, because of lack of oxygen. The grass will change into a yellowish color. If it goes to long without oxygen it starts to stink and turns white. Overheated sod is dead, it will not revive with water

7. Should I put a tarp over the pallets

No, don’t put a tarp over the pallets. This will trap the heat inside and increase the risk of overheating.

8. What do I do with the empty pallets?

The refund is $10 per pallet and they can be returned to the farm, dropped of at Aztec Landscaping:
Pallet return address: 9655 – 128th Ave, Grande Prairie. Phone: 780-538-1030
(please bring receipt for a refund and call ahead if you need assistance)

Or for our BC customers they can be returned to Dunvegan Gardens, (250) 785-1131 in Fort St John

9. When do I start mowing?

You could start mowing if the grass is growing, sometimes already after a week. Only cut off of 1/3 of the grass blade height. Be extra careful when you mow the first time. Frequent mowing stimulates the grass and root growth and is one of the easiest ways of keeping your sod healthy. Make sure your mower has sharp blades!

10. How much water do I give?

It is impossible to recommend the exact amount of water the sod needs. Many factors have to be taken into consideration. We feel that since our sod has grown with minimal irrigation, it can do with far less water than other commercial sod. A general rule of thumb is that if you leave footprints in your grass, which stay visible longer than half an hour, it is time to give water. The first water you give, as you install the sod is extremely important. (see also sod installation and maintenance under the product page)

11. How late in the season can I install sod?

You can safely install sod until the ground is frozen. Be sure to give enough water, so the sod is saturated and will freeze evenly. Next spring your sod will thaw out and start growing.

13. What is the size and weight of your pallet?

One full pallet of sod weighs about 2000 lbs. The pallet is 4½ feet long and 3 feet wide. Most half ton pick-ups can carry 1 pallet in the back. Don’t forget to bring straps to strap the sod down.