Environmentally Farming
No, we are not producing our own wind energy, but we do strive to protect the environment as best as we can. One major way to do this is “re-growing” our sod. This way we don’t seed and work the soil after every harvest. Since most of our fields are now green all season long, carbon is kept in the ground. This is a great way to reduce global warming.
Also, we do not irrigate unless necessary. One of the reasons commercial turf farms irrigate is to make their turf grass grow faster. Windmill Turf grows in a more natural way, and since we don’t “spoil” our sod, our customers have the benefit of needing less irrigation in the future as well.
Frequent mowing with good machinery is one of the best practices to keep weeds away and save on chemicals.

Benefits of a Sodded Lawn
Not only will your house be worth more with a sodded lawn, your new lawn also releases oxygen, cools and cleans the atmosphere, stores carbon, breaks down other harmful pollutants, enriches the soil, provides substantial erosion control, helps ground water recharge and minimizes storm water run off.

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